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Please note that these FAQ's apply to our Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) process. We are working on building a more comprehensive FAQ library. Please check back soon! 


How do I register to become an over-the-phone interpreter?

Sign up through one of our project postings or through our general registration. In case of questions or issues, email us at: Please be aware that we will be contacting new talent in accordance with current business needs, so you may not be contacted back right away. 

What are my chances of getting projects if my target language is less popular? 

Regardless of your target language, we encourage you to register to be qualified with us. Lionbridge services over 300 languages every year for our interpretation customers. 

I’m not a resident of the US, does it still make sense for me to sign-up? Considering the time zone difference, or my country of residence.  

Yes! We are always onboarding new customers and we engage with interpreters all over the world. Our current needs are primarily for people willing to provide services during US business hours, but there may be other calls available at any time, and we provide a 24/7 service. Note that some customers do require interpreters based in a certain country; you will be contacted if a project opportunity matches your skill set and location.

Do you have contracts in medical/legal/technical field? 

Yes! We work with a large variety of companies and government agencies from around the world. We have project opportunities available for specialized interpreters and beginners alike.

I am a translator already working on written projects with Lionbridge. Am I considered for the OPI projects by default?

Interpreters for our OPI projects are sourced and qualified separately from all other translation projects at Lionbridge. If you want to start freelancing as a telephonic interpreter, you need to go through our registration and qualification process separately.

How do I know about the rates for my language? 

This is something that you will discuss with your talent sourcer during the initial screening call. Rates will always vary depending on the experience of the talent, and the customer and language for which you are being sourced.

Can I still qualify to provide freelance services on government contracts if I’m not a citizen or resident of the US? 

Lionbridge has some clients who impose restrictions on the location and/or citizenship status of the interpreters in their pools. You can still register for project opportunities with us, no matter what, and we will reach out to you when we have a need that matches your profile. 

Do you have contracts for other English-speaking countries, or just the US?  

We provide service 24/7/365 to a variety of clients all around the world. Right now, we have more project opportunities available in US business hours than in other time zones. 

If I have more than one target language, do I have to be qualified twice? 

You will need to take and pass the language assessment for each language spoken in order to be qualified for multiple languages.

What if I’m a US citizen, but spend most of my time in another country? 

You can still register to be qualified, but please mention this in your application – our sourcers will be able to tell which contracts you can be qualified for.

What working permit do I need to present to be qualified for the OPI projects? 

All necessary documents are listed in the registration form. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us via email at





Getting your information into our system and registering as an interpreter.



If we have a project available matching your language expertise and skill set, our team will contact you to learn more and provide next steps.



Once our team has connected with you, we may ask you to complete a language assessment to move on to the next step.



Provide the required financial information and agree to the contractual terms . Once complete, Lionbridge will provide you with guidance on the applicable tools.




Once you've completed the previous steps, you are ready to start your first project.




Once you have successfully completed a project, payment will be made within our agreed upon terms.



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